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A scholarship scheme for exchange and cooperation between Europe and North Africa

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Duration :

2012 - 2015

Project Goals :

  1. To set up a renewed institution-based sustainable Europe-North Africa mobility network focusing on regional needs
  2. To promote the forthcoming EU educational programmes (Erasmus+, Horizon 2020) and help to prepare the partner and associate universities for increased mobility flows
  3. To produce a pool of 288 well-trained and responsible students, post-doctoral fellows and staff
  4. To provide improved education and training opportunities for vulnerable groups and socio-economically disadvantaged students and scholars
  5. To promote equal access to higher education for students and scholars from less developed regions
  6. To foster the teaching and research capacity at the partner universities
  7. To promote mutual understanding and enhanced political, cultural, educational and economic linkage between the European Union and North Africa
  8. To transfer knowledge, know-how and experience between Europe and North Africa
  9. To set up, promote and support international cooperation cells in research, teaching and administration
  10. To promote common areas of higher education and explore opportunities for the development of joint degree programmes and co-supervision of doctoral candidates
  11. To set up an alumni network
  12. To detect and benefit from synergies with partner projects


European Partners:

North African partners: