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Achieving excellence in promoting cooperation with the best institutions to achieve the university mission and bringing it to world-class universities


The International Cooperation Office seeks to serve as a link between the University and all international institutions to achieve the goals of the University in the development and excellence




  • Increase mobility programs for students, staff and academics
  • Internationalize the curriculum
  • Establish UoZ Teaching Mobility programs


  • Join leading international university network
  • Establish new research alliances and further expand the existing ones
  • Establish joint Master programs with other prestigious institutions
  • Increase and encourage the researchers’ mobility
  • Increase international research funds

International Projects

  • Establish and maintain international projects
  • Involve national and international students in projects
  • Promote diversity
  • support the networking with the international communities


  • Develop internationalization budget based on strategy and activities
  • Develop a website that raises the universities international profile
  • Improve the English language competency of the staff
  • Establish good practice-sharing mechanisms
  • Improve the monitoring and QA systems of ICO
  • Participate in the improvement of the UoZ performance toward institutional excellence



Organization Structure

Based on the Law No. 22/ 2008, by the ministry of higher education in Libya, the ICO's are in subordination of the vice director of academic affairs at the universities as shown in figure 1. ICOs have the right to communicate and address the administrative and academic entities that are related to the nature of the work of the Office as well as the following:

  • International Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry.
  • Faculty deans at the university
  • Heads of working groups and technical committees and coordinators of international projects within the university
  • Passports and citizenship authorities
  • National Center for Quality Assurance

Organization structure: The organization structure of the ICO is shown in figure 2. As can be seen in the figure the team of ICO is working as one family in order to achieve the university mission and goals.